Dear Members of the Pitman Business Community –

The Board of the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce recently held its first meeting of 2018, and approved some exciting changes which we anticipate will have a significant impact on our local economy for the foreseeable future. The GPCC has a robust schedule of community events and fundraisers planned for 2018. GPCC goals for 2018, include continuing the trend of positive publicity for Uptown Pitman, while raising money to create enhanced marketing opportunities, expanded grant programs for Pitman businesses, and infusions of cash into Pitman businesses.

With these goals in mind, effective immediately, a membership fee will no longer be required for Pitman businesses and organizations that have their physical location within the borders of the Borough of Pitman. Thus, all businesses within Pitman’s borders will automatically be considered members of the GPCC. All Pitman businesses will benefit from the Chamber’s advertising both in print and social media, and will also be eligible to utilize the Pitman App now available for smartphones. In addition, these businesses may apply for grants from the GPCC, which were previously only available to dues paying chamber members. It is our belief that a unified business community that is not separated into chamber and non-chamber members will make our Uptown Pitman business community stronger as a whole.

Another advantage of this structural change to membership is that the GPCC can institute a Pitman Borough Bucks Program. On Small Business Saturday 2018, the GPCC will sell a limited number of “Pitman Borough Bucks.” A Pitman Borough Buck may be used at any Pitman business and will be reimbursed to the business by the GPCC dollar for dollar. As an incentive for consumers to buy Pitman Borough Bucks, the GPCC will make a cash infusion into the Pitman Borough Bucks program. For example, if a resident spends $50, the GPCC will donate $20, resulting in a $70.00 Pitman Borough Buck. Therefore, the consumer will receive forty percent (40%) more to spend on on local purchases and services, while Pitman businesses will receive a 100% economic infusion. We will discuss the Pitman Borough Bucks program in more detail throughout the year.

Although the GPCC will no longer require membership fees, we will have enhanced opportunities for sponsorship. Our increased schedule of anticipated events means more exposure for our sponsors. Moreover, the more money that the GPCC is able to raise between now and the end of October 2018, the bigger infusion of cash that the GPCC will be able to contribute to the Pitman Borough Bucks program. Please see the attached sponsorship sheet for additional details. If your business or organization already paid your membership fee for 2018,[1] you will automatically be considered a sponsor at the Bronze level.

We look forward to working with the Pitman business community in 2018, and hope to see you at our next regularly scheduled meeting. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Pitman Gallery & Art Center.

Vanessa E. James, Esquire
Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce

We note that for those members who paid their dues on a rolling basis, if you paid in October 2017 or later, you will be considered a sponsor at the Bronze level.

Bronze Membership – $100
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Silver Membership – $250
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Business Name
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Gold Membership – $750
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Platinum Membership – $1,500
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Diamond Membership – $3,000
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Website/App Instructions for new Business Owners

Approved Pitman Members will have their Business listed on the website as well as the Pitman Mobile App.

The following is to be provided by the business owner…

  1. Business Name
  2. Logo (1000px x 1000px is preferred)
  3. Description (One Paragraph)
  4. Address
  5. Phone
  6. Email (For the Pitman App this will be your username)
  7. Website
  8. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Etc…)
  9. Business Category (Choose One)
    Professional Services
    Borough Government/Services
    Community Organizations

Once your basic info is approved and added to the website and app you will receive an email invitation to administer your profile on the Pitman Mobile App.

Once you login you can add/edit information about your business including..

Events on the App Events Calendar

Below is a link to instructions for the Pitman Mobile App