Old Pear Primitives

A little story on how we got started……

I was always creating since I was young. But I have to say that my grandmother was my biggest inspiration. She taught me the basics of sewing and how to make pillows and clothes for my Barbies. It wasn’t until her passing that I discovered the world of primitives and folk art.
I stumbled upon a Country Sampler magazine and soon fell in love with the look of primitive and colonial design. And at that time, my husband, was in the military. So, I couldn’t afford all the wonderful creations that some of my favorite artists made. I told my husband that for Christmas I wanted a sewing machine so I could try to make my own things. And for Christmas….he did get me a sewing machine but thinking I would never use it. Well, I proved him wrong! I had to teach myself how to use it. I never used one before…but I loved it! I started out making things from patterns I bought and before long I branched out and started making my own ( And I still use the same sewing machine to make my art!).
I got my husband involved by encouraging him to use his wood working skills. He has made me many wood items for our home and now he has partnered up with me and helps with the wood line. And it all started in our little garage on base in Texas.
With a dream and a vision…I want to one day open up my own shop and offer my own line of folk art and primitives. So, with the encouragement of my husband and family…I am working day by day to achieve this goal of mine.

So…with each piece that you purchase…know that you are getting prim folk art from the heart. 🙂