Pitman Craft Shows

About the Shows

Show History

The Pitman Craft Show is supported by the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce. It historically has run for over 50 years! Uptown Pitman hosts 250-350 hand craft vendors, food trucks, Pitman-based non-profits, and many of our Pitman businesses on and off Broadway! We see around ten thousand shoppers on average attending our shows!

The Spring Craft Show takes place on the third Saturday of May. 

The Fall Craft Show takes place on the third Saturday of September.

2023 Dates and Times

Spring Craft Show: May 20th from 9am – 3pm

Fall Craft Show: September 16th from 9am – 3pm

Where does the show take place?

Pitman Craft Shows operate on Broadway between Holly and Laurel Avenues, along Pitman Avenue between Broadway and Simpson Ave, and along Ballard Avenue and Park. 

Who should apply?

We have built a great relationship with hand craft vendors over the history of our show! We love having vendors from previous years return to Broadway! Hand crafters, home bakers, food trucks, Pitman businesses & Pitman non-profits are standard in our vendor line up. We are looking for creative, positive, friendly, vendors who are excited about bringing their business to Broadway for our outdoor event!

Hand Crafters:

Assemble objects themselves from (mostly) raw materials. Our categories include, but are not limited to:  Activities (done or made on the spot, i.e. face painting, sand art etc.); Adult & Children’s Apparel/Jewelry/Accessories; Candles/Scents; Decorations; Fine Art; Housewares; Paper Products; Pet Products; Personal Care Items

Home Bakers: 

Prepare food which does not require temperature control. Home Bakers must have a Cottage Food Operator Permit from the New Jersey Department of Health. For more information, including a list of included food items, please visit the New Jersey Department of Health.

Food trucks/trailers/carts:

Prepare food on-site for immediate consumption or are selling food that requires temperature control. Approval from the Gloucester County Board of Health is mandatory. Call 856-218-4170 for more information.

If you are cooking or serving hot food you may need a fire permit. Email firesafety@pitman.org or call 856-589-2433. Failure to call and meet all county and local requirements will result in expulsion by the Fire Marshal on the morning of the show. Call now to avoid this problem.


Pitman nonprofits are welcome to come be a part of the show as they are a vital part of our greater community! After the April 6th registration deadline, any additional non-profit spaces will be opened up to non-profits based outside of Pitman.

Commercial vendors

Sell a commercial product, (like windows, countertops, or own a service based company) made mostly or completely by others. Some products blur this line. In that event decisions about whether an object is a craft or a commercial item are made at the sole discretion of The Pitman Craft Show Committee.  

We hold space for a few commercial vendors each year, but try to limit commercial vendors that may compete with our crafters.

Who should NOT apply?

Direct to buyer/Consumer/MLM (Scentsy, Lularoe, Pampered Chef), vendors with imported goods or mass-produced items. 

What to Know Before Applying
  1. Read over all of the FAQ to understand how our shows operate
  2. Apply here on our website ONLY – we do not sell spots over social media messenger or email.
  3. Purchase all spots desired for BOTH shows
  4. Check your email/spam folder for confirmation that your registration went through
  5. If you do not receive a refund and decline email within seven (7) days of applying, you can assume that you are in the show.
Application deadlines

The deadline for registration is April 6th. After that a $30 late fee will be applied to all applications, no exceptions. Pitman businesses located on Broadway and Pitman Aves may not have the spot outside their facade guaranteed. 

Vendor Fees

Spring Craft Show 2023 Fees:

Crafters/Home Bakers – $140 per 10×10 spot (2 maximum)

Food trucks/trailers/carts – $350 for set ups not exceeding 20 feet in length. 

Pitman based non-profits – $55 per 10×10 spot (1 maximum)

Commercial Business – $400 per 10×10 spot (1 maximum)

Fall Craft Show 2023 Fees:

Crafters/Home Bakers – $160 per 10×10 spot (2 maximum)

Food trucks/trailers/carts – $350 for set ups not exceeding 20 feet in length. 

Pitman based non-profits – $55 per 10×10 spot (1 maximum)

Commercial Business – $400 per 10×10 spot (1 maximum)

Cancellation/Refunds/Waiting List Policies

I’ve registered but changed my mind. Can I have a refund?

Due to rising operating costs, we’ve amended our refund policy:

Once accepted into the Pitman Craft Show all refund requests are processed according to the following dates:                                                                                                          

  • Before April 6th, refunds are processed with a $25 dollar restocking fee per vendor spot purchased.
  • Between April 6th and each show’s spot assignment communication, refunds are processed with a $50 restocking fee per vendor spot purchased.
  • After Spot Assignments Emails are sent, there will be no refunds processed for any reason, no exceptions.
I can’t attend a show I’ve paid for and I’m not eligible for a refund. Can I sublet the space?

We no longer provide this option, and instead offer any empty spots to vendors on our waiting list.

Spots are sold out, how can I get on a waiting list?

Email craftshows@uptownpitman.com with the subject line “Waiting List Request”. Please note you will NOT be contacted via messenger on social media platforms, receive links from other vendors, or be contacted by an individual.

An important note about new Craft Show scams:

There are membership websites and Facebook/Instagram users who claim to be able to secure you a space at the Pitman Craft Show. These scammers are using more and more sophisticated ways to deceive, including creating JotForms, and Google Forms to seem legitimate.

We ONLY conduct business through UptownPitman.com, and NEVER through one person. 

We ARE NOT affiliated with any outside group and we don’t conduct any business via our social media pages. The ONLY way to secure a space at the Pitman Craft Show is to apply at UptownPitman.com and to pay for it through the link on our website. Do NOT trust links shared from another vendor. The ONLY contact with any space assigning authority is craftshows@uptownpitman.com

After the tickets expire and are removed from the page there is no backdoor, secret way to secure a space. Follow this process to protect yourself from these scams!

I registered but was declined as a participant?

The Pitman Craft Show Committee reserves the right to decline any registration at any time, or to refund the crafters money, less restocking fees, and cancel their registration at any time and for any reason prior to any Show.

I was expelled from the show and want a refund?

Expulsions are rare and only happen when a vendor behaves inappropriately toward staff or neighbors, when a vendor is found to have misrepresented the items they sell in their registration or is found to be selling non handmade items, or when a food vendor fails to bring the appropriate paperwork. Refunds will not be made for expulsions. In addition, expulsions will result in exclusion from all future shows.

Contacting the Craft Show Committee

How do I get in touch with someone?

The best way to reach us is by emailing craftshows@uptownpitman.com

We do not have a full time staff, and the email is only monitored daily from March 1st to May 20th and August 1st to September 30th. 

This doesn’t mean that the show is forgotten or that other preparations aren’t being made.

Most of the emails we receive in those two time periods involve efforts to make arrangements that can’t be made through the registration. In general, if your request can’t be conveyed through the registration, then we can’t accommodate it. The answer to virtually any question we’ve ever been asked is contained in this FAQ and can be accessed here all year at your convenience.

Please remember that we operate by committee, and that there is not one person forward facing to make arrangements for this event. The ONLY way to communicate with us is through our official email address.

Why aren’t you answering my question on Facebook?

Understand that our Facebook and Instagram pages, events, and posts are our opportunity to promote the event to shoppers, please do not contact us through these platforms. We never sell spots through any means other than our application on this website. The commentary on the Facebook event page should be positive and fun. It’s an advertisement to visit the show. It’s not a space for vendor business. To conduct business or ask questions about the show, email craftshows@uptownpitman.com. It’s fine to comment “Visit my booth at the show!” once, but please don’t clutter the Facebook event with reminders about where your booth is located.

Can I call Borough Hall for information?   

No. The Pitman Craft Shows are not run by the Borough and Borough Hall cannot assist you, as it has no specific information about the Shows.

Registration Troubleshooting

Why can’t I upload a photo?

The file needs to be a small JPG file.

.Where can I request a certain spot or to be next to another vendor? 

The Pitman Craft Show can’t accommodate special requests or make special arrangements. (ADA considerations can be noted in the standard registration) We have an extensive database, so reminders about former spaces etc. aren’t necessary.

After Registration 

I filled out the registration and meant to pay later.

Registrations are only complete upon payment. If you haven’t paid, you’re not registered.

Will I receive a confirmation?

Your email receipt is your proof of registration. If you are making handmade items you can assume acceptance, unless you hear from us to the contrary. We appreciate that you need time to prepare. If we have made a decision to reject your application for reasons other than inappropriate behavior, you will be notified well in advance of the show. Otherwise, keep an eye out for your emailed space assignment.

I want to create a social media event to advertise my presence at the show to my customers!

That advertising is great for everybody, but please, name your event “Suzi’s Craft at Pitman’s Show”. Please DON’T name your event “Pitman Fall Craft Show” etc. As the hosts, that title should be reserved for us. We need our social media event to be understood as the primary one.

Spot Assignments

How do I find my spot assignment?

Spot assignments are emailed to vendors on May 1st for Spring vendors, and September 1st for Fall vendors. Please check your spam folder on this date, if you do not receive your email.

I’m a vendor from last year, am I guaranteed the same spot?

Pitman Craft Shows no longer “guarantees” last year’s spot, however, if your application is submitted prior to April 6th, an effort will be made to assign you the same spot or a nearby spot in the same section. Please don’t email with previous year’s spot numbers or requests. (other than ADA accommodations).

I’ve been a vendor for a number of years, and my spot assignment changed.  My customers expect me in the same spot. What can I do?

Spot assignments can change year to year because our show is dynamic; we never have exactly the same mix of vendors each year! Understand that assigning over 250 vendors is like a puzzle, we try to not have competing categories near each other, and our Broadway businesses change show to show! Pitman Craft Shows doesn’t guarantee the previous year’s spot. In general there are many reasons why you may have been moved. The first is that your application was received after April 6th and a Crafter who registered on time has already been assigned to the spot. The second is that a new local business may have requested the space at its storefront. Other factors may include your use of a trailer or generator, changes in the size of your display, or changes in the number of spots you purchased. Another consideration is the speed of exit. Vendors who need a long time to pack up may be moved from Broadway. 

If your spot changes, we invite you to use the promotional image included in your spot assignment email to inform your loyal shoppers about your new location!

Please do not email the committee asking why your spot has changed, it is up to you to understand how our show runs. Failure to comply with this agreement may impact future acceptance to our shows.

I’m a Broadway business, how do I get the space in front of my façade? 

Register before April 6th to guarantee a spot in front of your Broadway Business. Note: we do not take requests for precise spot numbers, should more than one choice be available. Off Broadway businesses are assigned to the nearest possible space.

I’m a local business. Can I pay for my space and leave it empty?

No. There must be some sort of display and a person to attend it in the space. Spots left empty the day of the show will be filled with crafters desiring a different location. No refunds will be issued.

I’m afraid my spot assignment isn’t “good”?

The shows are extremely well attended. Ultimately, every spot is good.

I don’t like my neighbor?

For problems like spot infringement, excessive noise etc. please bring your concerns to the Information Booth in Ballard Park and a representative will assist you. Decisions made by the Craft Show Committee representatives about neighborly disputes are final.

I’m a commercial vendor. Can I set up an unattended display for advertisement?

No. Each assigned spot must be attended by its owner or a representative at all times.

I’m an Animal Rescue and want to bring animals for adoption.

Due to crowded conditions and the unpredictable nature of animal behavior you are limited to ONE adult mascot 50 LBS or larger OR TWO adult mascots in the 40 LB or smaller range. In addition up to 3 small juveniles are welcome. (20 lbs or less). Animals must be leashed or contained and monitored by a human handler at all times and confined to the grassy space in Ballard Park.

Physical Vendor Spots and Equipment 

What are the dimensions of a vendor spot?

Each spot purchased (for crafters, home bakers, non-profits, and commercial vendors) is approximately 10×10 feet. 

Food tents/trucks/trailers spots are 10×20 feet. 

Any vendor with set ups larger than allotted space will be charged for an additional spot and may be asked to move.

Are tents allowed?

Tents and canopies are advised, but can be no bigger than 10 x 10 at the base. Vendors should have a set up that is designed to protect them from the elements. Pro tip: bring weights so your display doesn’t blow over on a breezy day.

Is there electricity in my space?

Electricity is not provided.

May I use a generator?

Yes. Your planned use of a generator must be noted on your application. NHonda 1000 or 2000. No other types of generators are allowed. Please note, use of a generator may impact your spot assignment. 

Are tents and tables provided?

No. Please bring whatever you need to be comfortable for the day with you.


Required Paperwork & Certifications 

Do I need a sales tax certificate?

State representatives may be present at the show and Crafters are expected to comply with all state tax laws.

I’m a food vendor preparing food on-site. What certifications do I need?

The Fire Marshal has informed us of strict enforcement of all applicable county and local regulations. These rules apply to all food vendors preparing food on-site or selling food that must be temperature controlled. You need the following:

  1.  Certification from the Gloucester County Board of Health. Call 856-218-4170 immediately to start your process
  2. If you are cooking or serving hot food you may need a fire permit. Email firesafety@pitman.org or call 856-589-2433
  3. Failure to call and meet all county and local requirements will result in expulsion by the Fire Marshal on the morning of the Show. Vendors are responsible for all fees.  Call now to avoid this problem.
Do I need to bring my Spot Assignment Email or Registration Confirmation?

You’re not required to print out your confirmation. Your Spot Assignment Email is personalized for you and has useful day-of Show information including, links to your entry map and parking addresses. Save paper and your ink, and have it ready on your phone for expedited check-in.

Load-in & Break-down Logistics

Where can I find information about logistics for the Show?

Along with your Spot Assignment Email you will receive comprehensive information regarding our load-in logistical procedures, including where to line up outside the Show interior to load in. 

How can I find my spot?

You will receive a map with your Spot Assignment email. Police and volunteers are on standby to help guide you to your spot. 

I see my spot. Where does my tent go?

Spot numbers are painted on the curbs with an arrow pointing to the right (if you are standing in the street facing the sidewalk.) Your spot BEGINS at YOUR number, moves to the right, and ENDS at the next highest number. For example, if your spot is X001 you can fill the space between it and the painted number X002.

Where can I park my car?

After you unload your vehicle, park at Bright Beginnings Academy, 536 Lambs Road, Pitman, NJ.  A free shuttle will arrive at 6:00AM and loop between the lot and First and East Avenues, just outside of the Show Interior. This shuttle will end its run at 4:30PM, 90 minutes after the Show closes. At that time ALL Vendors must be packed up with their cars removed from Bright Beginnings Academy. If you require handicapped parking, the Pitman Police will add spots along the immediate Show exterior, allowing you to park closer. If you need to access your car during the show, you can ride the shuttle to the lot, as it will loop between that location, the shopper lot, and the pick-up/drop-off location at First and East Avenues. 

Where can my customers park?

Shoppers may park at the lot at 400 N. Woodbury Road, Pitman, NJ.  Two complimentary busses will arrive at 9:00AM and loop between the lot and First and East Avenues. The shuttles will end their run at 3:30PM

Can I use more than one vehicle to unload my merchandise?

Only one vehicle per crafter is allowed beyond the barricades. Additional vehicles may park at Bright Beginnings, but cannot pass the barricade.

What’s the procedure for unloading?

Vendors will enter the Show Interior from their assigned location once checked in by a volunteer, and after being waved in by the police. 

Once you find your spot, park your vehicle against the curb and unload quickly onto the sidewalk. Do not unload into the street at the curb. Please wait to begin setting up, including tents, until after you have parked your vehicle and returned on the shuttle. If you require assistance to unpack or set up, volunteers are available to help you.

What time may I begin to set up?

You will be assigned an entry time. Vendors will not be allowed to enter the Show interior before their assigned times, NO EXCEPTIONS. Vehicles must clear Broadway by 8:00AM. Please don’t set up your display until after your vehicle is parked.

What if I can’t make it the Show day-of?

We understand things happen. If you cannot make it the day of the Show, please email The Craft Show Committee immediately at craftshows@uptownpitman.com. Vendors who fail to show up without communicating will not be accepted at the next show. If this happens in Spring, and you have a spot for Fall, you will be excluded from Fall’s Show with no refund. 

Where are the restrooms?

Portable restrooms are available at Ballard Park, behind McCowan Library, and at the Corner of Holly and Broadway Ave. An ADA compliant portable restroom is available at Ballard Park.

What time may I pack up?

Vendors may pack up at 3:00PM. Prior to 3:00PM, there is no vehicular access to the Show. Packing up early may result in a vendor being excluded the following year.

What’s the procedure for reloading?

At 3:00PM, vendors can pack up onto the sidewalk. Do not pack up in the street at the curb. When you are packed, you will be issued a re-entry ticket from a volunteer. Ride the shuttle back to your car. Your vehicle will not be allowed past the barricade without this ticket. Pull up against the curb, load your items and exit as efficiently as possible.

Volunteers are available to assist you and will happily follow your instructions. We request that you make good use of them. Vendors who fail to pack and exit by 4:30PM may risk acceptance in future shows. 

Rain Date / Weather:

Is there a rain date?

Rain date for the Spring Craft Show is 5/21. Rain date for the Fall Craft Show is 9/17.

Because the rain date’s conditions are always a more distant unknown, some precipitation is acceptable. The Craft Show Committee does not promise a “dry” day.

How will I know if the show is canceled and the rain date is going into effect?

Vendors will be notified via email on Friday shortly after 5PM

How will the decision to use the rain date be made?

Prediction Source: WeatherUnderground Pitman NJ Forecast @ 5PM on Friday (12 hours from the first arrival at the show)

What is the process that The Craft Show Committee uses to determine use of a Rain Date?

Conditions will be considered for the hours of 9AM thru 4PM Saturday.

In the event that the rain date’s Friday 5PM forecast is not an improvement over the original show date (both days are similarly poor), the show will move forward as planned on Saturday. The existence of a rain date is not a guarantee of an available dry day.

The rain date will be implemented if the Friday 5PM WU Hourly prediction is any of the following:

  • Light Rain: 3 consecutive hours or 4 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of .09 inches or less per hour 
    • Light rain is rain from scattered drops that, regardless of duration, do not completely wet an exposed surface up to a condition where individual drops are easily seen.
  • Moderate Rain: 2 consecutive hours or 3 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of .10 thru .30 inches per hour. 
    • Moderate rain’s individual drops are not clearly identifiable; spray is observable just above pavements and other hard surfaces.
  • Heavy Rain: 2 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of .31 or more inches per hour OR 3 total hours of a 45% (+) chance.
    • Heavy Rain seemingly falls in sheets; individual drops are not identifiable; heavy spray to a height of several inches is observed over hard surfaces.
  • Combination of precipitation types: 3 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of any 2 or more rates of precipitation.
    • Precipitation at or below .009 inches per hour across any or all hours won’t trigger the use of the rain date.

The Craft Show Committee reserves the right to implement the rain date under other unforeseen weather circumstances not described above. (i.e. lightning, high wind etc.)

The Craft Show Committee will not be held responsible for inaccurate or changing forecasts after Friday @5PM. If the precipitation thresholds have not been met at 5PM the show will move forward as planned regardless of subsequent forecasts.

  • Absolutely no refunds will be issued if the rain date thresholds are not forecast, but rain exceeds the prediction on the day of the show.
  • The Craft Show Committee will not issue refunds if the rain date is used or if the original date is dry. The rain date is a rain or shine event. 

In purchasing a space you agree to abide by this formula and assume the risks of unpredictable inclement weather including, but not limited to, lost fees, lost profits or wet merchandise.

Additional Questions?

Email craftshows@uptownpitman.com


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