Craft Show FAQs

The Basics:

How do I become a vendor?
Fill out the application and pay online Here.

How can I contact the Craft Show Committee?
The Craft Shows will no longer be using the telephone. Contact us in writing at

Can I call Borough Hall for information?
No. The Craft Shows aren’t run by the Borough and Borough Hall cannot assist you, as it has no specific information about the Shows.

What is the difference between a Crafter and a Commercial Vendor?
In general, a crafter is assembling objects themselves from (mostly) raw materials. A commercial vendor is selling a commercial product, (like windows, countertops, or Mary Kay etc.) made mostly or completely by others.

Some products blur this line. In that event decisions about whether an object is a craft or a commercial item are made at the sole discretion of the Craft Show Committee. If upon seeing an object we recognize it better fits into one category or another we reserve the right to reassign the vendor in the following year.

Can I sell both my own crafts and other commercially produced items?
No. A vendor who paid the Crafter fee may only sell crafts. Any person exhibiting manufactured items will be REMOVED ON THE SPOT. (Entry fee is non-refundable.)

Is last year’s space guaranteed?
Pitman Craft Shows no longer “guarantees” last year’s space, however, if your application is submitted prior to April 7th, every effort will be made to assign you the same space or, at a minimum, a nearby space in the same section.

What are the dimensions of my space?
Spaces are approximately 10×10 feet. Commercial food vendor (food truck) spaces are 10 x 20+.

Are tents allowed?
Tents and canopies are advised, but can be no bigger than 10 x 10 at the base. Vendors should have a set up that is designed to protect them from the elements. Pro tip: bring weights so your display doesn’t blow over on a breezy day.

Is there electricity in my space?
Electricity is not provided

May I use a generator?
Yes. Your planned use of a generator must be noted on your application. The accepted generator is a Honda 1000 or 2000. No other types of generators are allowed.

When will I know my space number?
Spring vendors will be assigned a space number and receive it and further instructions via email by May 1st. Applications received late may receive confirmation and instructions later than May 1st. Fall vendors will receive their information on September 1st.

I’m a Pitman business. How do I reserve a space?
All spaces are reserved via the website only. Apply and pay online.

I’m a Chamber Member . How do I get my discount?
GPCC has discontinued its membership dues and all spaces for the Craft Shows are now the same price.

I’m a local business. Can I pay for my space and leave it empty?
No. There must be some sort of display and a person to attend it in the space. Spaces left empty the day of the show will be filled with crafters desiring a better location. No refunds will be issued.

I’m a commercial vendor. Can I set up an unmanned display for advertisement?
No. Each space must be attended by it’s owner or a representative at all times.

I’m an Animal Rescue and want to bring animals for adoption.
Due to crowded conditions and the unpredictable nature of animal behavior you are limited to ONE adult mascot 50 LBS or larger OR TWO adult mascots in the 40 LB range. In addition up to 5 small juveniles or adults are welcome. (20 lbs or less). Animals must be leashed or contained and monitored by a human handler at all times and confined to the grassy space in Ballard Park.

Is there a rain date?
The rain date for any show is the following Sunday (the next day). Because the rain date’s conditions are always a more distant unknown, some precipitation is acceptable. GPCC does not promise a “dry” day.

How will I know if the show is cancelled and the rain date is going into effect?
Vendors will be notified via email on Friday shortly after 5PM

How will the decision to use the rain date be made? 

Prediction Source: WeatherUnderground Pitman NJ Forecast @ 5PM on Friday (12 hours from the first arrivals at the show)

Hourly Forecast 

Conditions will be considered for the hours of 9AM thru 4PM Saturday.

In the event that the rain date’s Friday 5PM forecast is not an improvement over the original show date (both days are similarly poor), the show will move forward as planned on Saturday. The existence of a rain date is not a guarantee of an available dry day.

The rain date will be implemented, if the Friday 5PM WU Hourly prediction is any of the following:

Light Rain: 3 consecutive hours or 4 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of .09 inches or less per hour

Light rain is rain from scattered drops that, regardless of duration, do not completely wet an exposed surface up to a condition where individual drops are easily seen.

Moderate Rain: 2 consecutive hours or 3 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of .10 thru .30 inches per hour

Moderate rain’s individual drops are not clearly identifiable; spray is observable just above pavements and other hard surfaces.

Heavy Rain:  2 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of .31 or more inches per hour OR 3 total hours of a 45% (+) chance.

Heavy Rain seemingly falls in sheets; individual drops are not identifiable; heavy spray to a height of several inches is observed over hard surfaces.

Combination of precipitation types: 3 total hours of a 50% (+) chance of any 2 or more rates of precipitation

*precipitation at or below .009 inches per hour across any or all hours won’t trigger the use of the rain date.

GPCC reserves the right to implement the rain date under other unforeseen weather circumstances not described above. (i.e. lightning, high wind etc.)

GPCC will not be held responsible for inaccurate or changing forecasts after Friday @5PM. If the precipitation thresholds have not been met at 5PM the show will move forward as planned regardless of subsequent forecasts.

Absolutely no refunds will be issued if the rain date thresholds are not forecast, but rain exceeds the prediction on the day of the show.

Absolutely no refunds will be issued if the rain date is enacted and the next day turns out to be a dry day.

In the event that the rain date is enacted, the rain date is rain or shine. Absolutely no refunds will be issued for use of the rain date.

In purchasing a space you agree to abide by this formula and assume the risks of unpredictable inclement weather including but not limited to lost fees, lost profits or wet merchandise.

How can I find my space?
You will receive a map with your confirmation. If you cannot understand the map the police and any volunteer will be happy to assist you.

I see my space. Where does my tent go?
Space numbers are painted on the curbs with an arrow pointing to the right (if you are standing in the street facing the sidewalk.) Your space BEGINS at YOUR number, moves to the right, and ENDS at the next highest number. For example, if your space is X001 you can fill the space between it and the painted number X002.

Is there a late fee?
Applications received after April 15th will incur a $30.00 late fee.

Space Issues:

Why didn’t I get the space I’m accustomed to?
In general there are two reasons. The first is that your application was received after April 7th and a Crafter who registered on time has already been assigned to the space. The second is that a new local business may have requested the space at its storefront. In the event of the second, every effort will be made to assign you a position as close to your original space as possible.

I’m afraid my customers can’t find me if I’m not in “my” space?
Space numbers are not and have never been visible to the general public. So long as you are within the area of your original position your customers will find you.

I’m afraid my space isn’t “good”?
The shows are extremely well attended. Every space is good.

I don’t like my neighbor?
For problems like space infringement, excessive noise etc. please bring your concerns to the help table located at the intersection of Pitman Ave and Broadway and a representative will assist you. Decisions made by Craft Show representatives about neighborly disputes are final.

Loading and Unloading and Parking:

Where can I park my car?
Crafters are advised, after unloading, to park their vehicles at Bright Beginnings on Lambs Road. A free shuttle is available to bring Crafters back to the downtown after their cars are parked. Be warned that parking anywhere else in the Borough may result in a parking ticket.

What time may I begin to set up?
You will be assigned an entry time. Crafters will not be allowed to enter the downtown area before 6AM. Vehicles must clear Broadway by 8AM.

What time may I leave?
Crafters may pack up at 4PM. Prior to 4 there is no vehicular access to the Show. Packing up early may result in a crafter being excluded the following year.

What’s the procedure for unloading?
Crafters should enter at the assigned intersection, pull their vehicles against the curb and unload quickly onto the sidewalk. Do not unload into the street at the curb. Please don’t begin to set up, including canopies etc, until after you have parked your vehicle and returned on the shuttle. If you require assistance to unpack or set up, volunteers are available to help you.

What’s the procedure for reloading?
New this year: Crafters will pack up onto the sidewalk. Do not pack up in the street at the curb. When you are packed you will be issued a ticket that will allow your vehicle re entry from its original entry point. Your vehicle will not be allowed past the barricade without this ticket. Pull up against the curb, load your items and exit Broadway as efficiently as possible.

Volunteers are available to assist you and will happily follow your instructions. We request that you make good use of them. Crafters who fail to pack and exit in a timely fashion will be assigned a space off Broadway for future shows.

Can I use more than one vehicle to unload my merchandise?
Only one vehicle per crafter is allowed beyond the barricades. Additional vehicles may park at Bright Beginnings but cannot pass the barricade.

Refunds, Cancellations and Expulsions:

I’ve registered but changed my mind. Can I have a refund?
Refunds will be considered until three weeks prior to each show. After that all sales are final.

I can’t attend a show I’ve paid for and I’m not eligible for a refund. Can I sublet the space?
Yes, but prior approval of the substitute via email is required.

I registered but was declined as a participant?
The Craft Show Committee reserves the right to decline any registration at any time, or to refund the crafters money and cancel their registration at anytime and for any reason prior to any Show.

I was expelled from the show and want a refund?
Expulsions are rare and only happen when a vendor behaves inappropriately toward staff or neighbors or when a vendor is found to have misrepresented the items they sell in their registration or is found to be selling non handmade items. Refunds will not be made for expulsions. In addition, expulsions will result in exclusion from all future shows.


Do I need a sales tax certificate?
State representatives may be present at the show and Crafters are expected to comply with all state tax laws.

I’m a commercial food vendor. What certifications do I need?

The Fire Marshal has informed us of strict enforcement of all applicable county and local regulations. These rules apply to all food vendors and to “crafters” selling pre-packaged foods.

To participate you must call Gloucester County at  856-218-4170 for Board of Health permission to attend.

If you are cooking or serving hot food you may need a fire permit. Email or call 856-589-2433

Failure to call and meet all county and local requirements will result in expulsion by the Fire Marshal on the morning of the show. Call now to avoid this problem.

Do I need to bring my confirmation?
You’re not required to bring your confirmation, but a printed copy will help us to assist you more quickly.

I don’t want my photo used?
Exhibitors will consent to the use of their name and any photographs for publicity purposes with further permission.

Last but not Least:

Why can’t I sell hot dogs?
Because we’re a small town who supports our local charities and so Rotary has had dibs on hot dog sales for 40 years.