Please read these instructions carefully, as you will be entering at a specific time and may be entering from a different position this year.
Volunteers will assist you to the right position as early @5:15AM. Look for the flashlights and follow volunteer instructions.



  1. Line up along the curb (not in the lane) on East Ave at Holly Ave. (East Ave. is one way north. Approach from Cedar Ave, to Laurel Ave. Left onto East.)
  2. Enter at 5:45AM from NORTH BROADWAY
  3. Proceed SOUTH to your space.
  4. To your left are spaces X126 thru X185. To your right are spaces X125 thru X066.
  5. On Pitman Ave, to your left are spaces SB01 thru SB21, to your right are spaces SL01 thru SL21
  6. At your space, pull up against the curb
  7. Please unload quickly ONTO the SIDEWALK.
  8. Please DO NOT unload into the street at the curb.
  9. Please DO NOT set up your tent or other items.
  10. Exit at Pitman Ave.
  11. Park at Bright Beginnings Academy on Lambs Road (536 Lambs Rd. Pitman NJ, 08071)
  12. Our free shuttle will return you to the downtown to set up.

*If you are not in line for your assigned entry time when that entry begins, your new entry time will be 7:15 AM. Volunteers may direct you to a new entry point. Vehicular entries will be denied after 7:50 AM.


  1. At 4 PM pack as quickly as possible ONTO the SIDEWALK.
  2. Please DO NOT pack up into the street at the curb.
  3. When you are packed request a ticket from a volunteer.
  5. Retrieve your vehicle
  6. Follow the volunteers instructions for reentry point.
  7. Load your vehicle as quickly as possible.
  8. Exit at Pitman Ave.