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Laurel Market Vendor FAQs

How do I become a vendor?
Purchase a ticket below in order to complete the application.

How can I contact the Laurel Market Committee?
Please email us at

Can I call Borough Hall for information?
NO! Laurel Market is not run by the Borough so Borough Hall cannot assist you in any way.

What are the dimensions of my space?
Vendor spaces are approximately 10’x10’. It will vary for farmers and food truck vendors.

Are tents/canopies needed?
Canopies are not needed for vendors. Sunset Auditorium has a roof and cement floor. However, if you require upright structures to display your products, please make sure they fit within your 10’x10’ space.

I’m part of an animal rescue. Could we bring animals for adoption?
Please contact the Laurel Market Committee by email at

Will Laurel Market be cancelled if it rains?
No, Laurel Market is a rain or shine event.

Am I required to attend every week?
We would love you to, but no, it’s not required. You can attend once, monthly or more frequently. Please review the fee chart here.

Will dogs be present?
Yes, the public will be allowed to bring their dogs. Please keep this in mind when designing your space.

What if I have a question that’s not listed?
Please email us at

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