On August 18 we held the Summer Swelter Craft Beer Festival in Pitman, NJ!

The first event of its kind in town and one of the biggest in the area, it was a huge success thanks to an amazing team of volunteers, a stellar lineup of local breweries, delicious food trucks, quality vendors, rocking music, and awesome support from the local police and public works.

Testimonials from this year’s attendees:

“Such a great event. Very well organized. We had a great time and can’t wait for next year.”

“We have been to many beer fests, for one to go so smoothly for their first time is just amazing!!!! Everything was well organized, great beers, vendors, music and people!! Looking forward to next year!!! A superb job!!!!”

“This was our 1st beer fest and we couldn’t have been happier. It was a well organized fest, great breweries, great beers and great food. We had a great time and can only hope they they have it again next year.”

“Very well organized . Easy for our designated driver to drop off and pick us up.”

Testimonials from this year’s breweries:

“As a brewery owner & brewer, I wish more festivals were like Summer Swelter. Lots of local beer love, and the atmosphere was relaxed without some of the craziness when some other events get out of control. Everyone from the breweries to the food trucks to the people who I got to speak to all said the same thing, they were in shock that this was the first year because it was so well put together and run. Home run, guys – and I look forward to being part of 2019’s Swelter.”

“Great event yesterday, I thought.  Not sure of the expectations from your township, but I thought it was one of the better run and professional beer-fest events I’ve seen. I heard no complaints from the people coming in (and we saw them all immediately) and everyone loved the music and vibe.”

We look forward to coming back next year!  Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more information as it becomes available.

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