First Baptist Church of Pitman

firt-baptistA community of care and service empowered by prayer, action, and our love for Jesus.
The First Baptist Church of Pitman is a community of nurturing followers of Jesus Christ. You can find us in many places. We are in the schools, the banks, the local businesses. You can find us on a soccer field, in the kitchen or in the hospital. And on Sunday mornings, you can find us at 30 North Broadway in Pitman, worshipping the Lord who has given us life to share. Everywhere we are, we are seeking to live out our mission. You can find our mission statement in the column to the left. Notice that it is active and when we live it, people’s lives are transformed. God’s grace (real unconditional love) pours into us. So if you are looking for a church that is more than a building, but a body of people who are loving God and loving God’s world, then First Baptist Church of Pitman might be just the church you are looking for.

30 N. Broadway Ave., Pitman, NJ 08071

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