Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery?

mysteryjpg-37e4efa89890d5a5I.M. Jeffries was an old school private investigator who was collecting secrets about the residents of Pitman. He’s been missing for decades. You and your friends have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles in his office and learn his fate.

Sound real? Well, it is. It is a real world game of clues and puzzle — an escape the room game — and is fast becoming popular in big cities around the nation; and now, for a limited time, an escape the room game, called “Trapped Uptown” will be in Pitman.

Some members in The Greater Pitman Chamber Board hatched a plan and came up with the idea to host an Escape the Room game as a fundraiser in order to raise money for the Theatre Avenue Plaza Project — a “pocket park” on Theater Avenue, that will be complete with pavers, lighting, seating, landscaping, signage, and shade.

When the park is finalized, visitors will be able to sit uptown, have coffee with friends, listen to live jazz on a warm summer evening, while being surrounded by beautiful flowers, ambient lighting, and a vine draped pergola.

Fundraising has already begun through the Theatre Avenue Plaza “Buy a Brick Campaign” and over $20,000 has been raised so far. The project has a GoFundMe page for Pitman’s Theatre Plaza Buy A Brick Campaign, Also in the planning stages will be a gala at Broadway Theatre and a Murder Mystery dinner.

Located on 2nd Avenue, Pitman, the Welcome Center has been transformed into clues and puzzles, so if you enjoy a challenge, teamwork, and great fun with friends, this is for you. Through Dec. 15, groups of up to eight players per game, for ages 12 and older, can book online here. Cost is $15 per person. All proceeds benefit Uptown Pitman Revitalization projects.

Pitman, located just minutes east off Route 55, just west of Rowan University, and 20 minutes from Philadelphia, is a unique town with a vibrant business district and an ongoing calendar of music, arts and other well-known events that draw visitors from a large area.

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