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Checked your closet for spring clothes yet?

It’s time to put away that winter coat and go through your closet for something fresh and light to wear.

And time to get rid of things that just don’t work for you.

But the problem with spring cleaning, especially closet clean-outs, is that we practical types tend to get inside our heads instead of inside our closets.

“I spent so  much money on this shirt,” you recall, so you vow to wear it again, and then another season passes by.

Don’t let good but unworn clothing collect dust in your closet. Instead, find a store where you can sell your stuff and get cash for it.

Try My Fair Lady, an upscale consignment shop in Pitman.

“We are a consignment shop that sells good used clothing,” said Jinger Cahill, manager. “We carry labels from Target to designers like Dolce and Gabbana.”

So, how will they work for you?

“You make an appointment with us, then you bring in your items and we go through them very thoroughly to make sure they aren’t stained or worn,” said Cahill. “We then put them up for sale. Once they sell, we write the person a check.”

My Fair Lady takes anything as long as it’s in good shape, from clothes to shoes to handbags.

“The only things we don’t take are sweatpants and T-shirts, strictly because those items you can pretty much buy anywhere for next to nothing,” said Cahill.

Items they can’t sell, they will donate to charity if the consignor chooses to do so.

“Nowadays, people need to make money,” said Cahill. “They have made a lot of money here.”

If you’re looking to get cash on the spot, however, there are a couple other places in the area to check out.

Plato’s Closet in Deptford offers cash on the same day.

“We are a young ‘retail resale’ store,” explained Jen Lynch, store manager. “We get all of our inventory from customers who come in and sell us their clothes.”

They expect to get items every day of the week, Lynch said. They not only buy clothing, but they also take shoes, jewelry, handbags, DVDs and CDs.

“When purchasing clothes, we do look for items that are currently in style,” said Lynch. “We also look to make sure the clothing isn’t any older than two years.”

To sell your unwanted items at Plato’s Closet, they don’t have to be in season at the time, the manager added.

“Mostly everything we have is represented on our sales floor,” said Lynch.

They also donate once a year to villages in Africa.

If getting cash right away isn’t a concern for you, or if your unwanted clothing is either out of style or more than two years old, another solution would be to find a place to donate those items yourself.

After all, your unwanted and unused stuff is just taking up space in your closet, but someone else might be able to use it.

The Goodwill store in Woodbury Heights is a great place to start.

“It’s really simple,” said Kim Kraemer, assistant manager. “You just bring your clothes, or any unwanted items you may have, into one of our many stores,” not only the Woodbury Heights location.

“You can pull up right around the back of the store, and we will help you unload all of your items,” she said.

After you have dropped off your stuff, Goodwill will give you a receipt for a tax-deductible donation to charity.

“When you file your taxes, you can claim your donation because you donated with a non-profit organization,” said Kraemer. “In the end, you did a good thing and you get to save a little money on your taxes later on.”

Not a bad return for a clean closet.

For more information: visit and To reach My Fair Lady, you can call (856) 256-0111.

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