The World of Harry Potter Comes to Pitman

PITMAN, N.J. – A local community is taking their love of all things Hogwarts and turning it into a festival for thousands to enjoy.

For the past year, a group of people in Pitman have been planning the first Pitman Potter Festival.

“The Pitman Potter Festival is the coming together of the greatest fans that love the Harry Potter series,” said Shari Hulitt, a member of the Pitman Potter Festival Committee.

“It’s really a town wide project,” said Vanessa James, another member of the Pitman Potter Festival Committee. “The schools are involved, the library is involved [and] the businesses are involved both in the planning and the execution. It’s just been a fantastic experience.”

“It’s kind of taken a mind of its own and grown to such an extent that I think it’s going to be more for a regional aspect than just our little town,” said Amy Rudley, member of the Pitman Borough Council and the Pitman Potter Festival Committee.

In fact, they’re expecting about 3,000 people to show up on top of the 3,000 people who snatched up one of the sold out wristbands that will get you into exclusive events.

“You’ll go into the sorting ceremony [and] you’ll be a part of a house for the day,” said James. “You’ll be cheering on those that sorted. We have certain professors that will be making appearances at the ceremony and we have the grove auditorium decked out like the Great Hall.”

If you didn’t get a chance to get one of those sold out wristbands, don’t worry. The committee has made it possible for everyone to join in on the wizarding fun.

“There’s the food truck festival, vendor village, a maze [and] scavenger hunts throughout [the] town,” said Hulitt.

Fans of everything Hogwarts can enjoy a Quidditch match along with trivia and costume contests.

They’ll even have a chance to win an original piece of Harry Potter art work.

“Everyone’s come together,” said Rudley. “Almost every business in town and many residents are on board and fully decked out and ready to celebrate.”

The first Pitman Potter Festival kicks off with a flick of a wand on Saturday, October 21st, at 11 a.m.

For more information on free parking and a full list of events visit

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